Save Money With a Chip and Seal Driveway in Cedar Rapids or Waterloo, IA

Do you want a smooth and durable driveway but don't want to pay a premium price? Consider installing a chip and seal driveway. Generations Paving LLC uses alternative, yet quality, materials to create an attractive surface. This option is perfect for homeowners or business owners on a tight budget.

Take advantage of our chip and seal service. Reach out to our team today to schedule your appointment in Cedar Rapids, Waterloo, IA or the surrounding area.

Why choose chip and seal service?

While the cost of a chip and seal driveway is a huge reason for its popularity, it isn't the only one. You're wise to choose this driveway option because of its:

  • Long life span: Your driveway is estimated to last up to 15 years.
  • Attractive finish: The option is comparable in appearance to a traditional driveway.
  • Positive performance: Chip and seal driveways offer amazing traction benefits.



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Enjoy a 10% discount if you found us via our website